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Commune de Paris Fall/Winter 2016 Collection

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Commune de Paris released an editorial for their fall/winter 2016 collection titled Panthenon to help create some buzz heading into Paris Fashion Week show this Saturday. True to form Commune de Paris turned to their locale for inspiration. This time they looked to the French capitals Latin Quarter to create a collection that features heavy prints. Be on the lookout for our recap of their Paris Fashion Week show sometime early next week and the meantime you can learn more about the Commune de Paris Fall/Winter 2016 Collection here.

Commune-de-Paris-Fall-2016-07 Commune-de-Paris-Fall-2016-12 Commune-de-Paris-Fall-2016-11 Commune-de-Paris-Fall-2016-05 Commune-de-Paris-Fall-2016-04 Commune-de-Paris-Fall-2016-01 Commune-de-Paris-Fall-2016-02 Commune-de-Paris-Fall-2016-03 Commune-de-Paris-Fall-2016-08 Commune-de-Paris-Fall-2016-09 Commune-de-Paris-Fall-2016-15 Commune-de-Paris-Fall-2016-10 Commune-de-Paris-Fall-2016-14 Commune-de-Paris-Fall-2016-16 Commune-de-Paris-Fall-2016-17 Commune-de-Paris-Fall-2016-18 Commune-de-Paris-Fall-2016-19 Commune-de-Paris-Fall-2016-21 Commune-de-Paris-Fall-2016-26 Commune-de-Paris-Fall-2016-24 Commune-de-Paris-Fall-2016-23 Commune-de-Paris-Fall-2016-22 Commune-de-Paris-Fall-2016-13 Commune-de-Paris-Fall-2016-06

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  1. Omar
    4 years ago

    The look is so inspired from the Military Menswear in that time the Color of the French Flag are so present and make a beautiful contrast with the Camel-Brown Items. So inspiring .

    • admin
      4 years ago

      Thank you for the response and we love to hear your comments.

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