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Published by the Spanish editions Editorial RM, Cimarron is the third part of a photographic series started in 2013 by Charles Fréger dedicated to masquerades. After  Wilder Mann  (since 2010), dedicated to the European continent, and  Yokainoshima  (2013-2015), located on the Japanese archipelago,  Cimarron  (2014-2018) is anchored in the territories of the Americas. In a geographical area stretching from the southern United States to Brazil and comprising fourteen countries,  Charles FrégerThis time, we draw an inventory, not exhaustive, of the masquerades practiced mainly by the descendants of African slaves, celebrating the memory of their peers and their singular cultures. “Cimarron”: the term covered by the series initially designates in the Hispanic colonial world the fugitive slave; then it gives birth to the term “brown”, evoking after 1848, date of the abolition of slavery, the heroic figure of the man resistant to oppression. Behind the multitude of masked traditions presented are the ghosts of men and women aspiring to freedom. Through this corpus unfolds masquerades in which, between masks, makeups, costumes, adornments and accessories, intertwine African cultures, indigenous and colonial, taken in the vertigo of a multi-secular syncretic movement. The masquerade is more than ever here a territory of facing one community by another, space where we replay, where we reinvent the report to the oppressor to either mimic or invert, always to subvert it. This beautiful book of 320 pages is now available on the online store of editions Editorial RM , as well as on .

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