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Chanel Spring 2016 Campaign

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The Chanel Spring 2016 collection was one of our favorites from Paris Fashion Week. The overall theme of the runway show travel, to the extent that Karl Lagerfeld had a catwalk-turned-airport rather than a runway. For the campaign to promote the spring 2016 collection you would assume Chanel  would head to O’hare airport, an island in the Carribbean, or Milan. Where did they choose ? Brooklyn!. That is right they shot the Chanel Spring 2016 campaign which ranges from plane-appropriate casual to over-the-top look at me formal wear in Red Hook, Brooklyn. However throughout the entire campaign and collection the theme is jet-set.

Chanel_spring_summer_2016_ad_campaign2 Chanel_spring_summer_2016_ad_campaign3 Chanel_spring_summer_2016_ad_campaign1

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