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Chanel Pre-Fall 2016 Collection

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Yesterday was a big day for  Chanel not only did they release their much anticipated short film “Once and Forever”  starring Kristen Stewart but they also unveiled their Pre-Fall 2016 Collection. Chanel’s Pre-Fall 2016 collection is titled Paris-Rome 2015/16 Métiers d’Art collection and the brand used legendary Italian film studio Cinecittà as its back drop. As for the clothes themselves knitwear was given a dreamy makeover for the collection, with chunky sweaters in pastel colors livened up by intricate detailing. This was mixed with several black lace dresses that evoke a vampire inspiration. Glamorous black leather mini dresses and peacoats were pared with lace stockings, pencil skirts, and cropped tops that provided a sexy counter to they heavy knits. Below we share with your our favorite pieces from the Chanel Pre-Fall 2016 collection and if you want to see very look you can do so at

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