If you follow our first foray into providing you information on fashion brands,  @Highfashionmen on instagram then you are well aware that we are big fans of watches. Watches might be the number one product that we feature onHighfashionmen . Therefore we are proud to share with you the new Edwin Watch Collection. Edwin and Denim although more commonly known as E.N.D  got their start by importing vintage American denim to the Japanese market. In 1961 they evolved into producing quality Japanese denim and have now built a cult like following around the globe.

Today they have taken the characteristics that make their denim so popular and applied it to watches. The Edwin Watch Collection pays homage to the various subcultures that revolve around the world-famous jeans, from blue-collar workers and tattooists, to musicians and artists, all of whom converge under the roof of a traditional barbershop. Thus why in the lookbook below you will see not so saw subtle references to the barbershop motif. Edwin produces watches that evoke masculinity and come in a range of four different styles, classic, visionary, lifestyle, and signature. If you are interested to see which style bests fit your personality you can do so by visiting Edwin Watches. 

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