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Bru Na Boinne Spring/Summer 2016 Lookbook

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Bru Na Boinne is an Osaka, Japan based brand designed by the wonderful Mr. Masahiro Tsuji. Since being founded in 1997 the brand has grown into one of the more recognizable brands in Japan. Think a Japanese version of Dope but not entirely street-wear. Tsuji prefers for his clothes to defy categories and genres. Each collection is infused with a story and legend, those who wear the clothes step into the world of imagination and fantasy, they are then trapped in joy and delight.

The Bru Na Boinne spring/summer 2016 lookbook story is titled A Mysterious Island. The story is to long and detailed to go into in this recap but in short it is about a mathemetician on an island who reveals the secret of a formation of a flight of birds. If you want to read the entire story to support the Brun Na Boinne spring/summer 2016 collection as well as shop it you can do so here.

Bru-Na-Boinne-Spring-Summer-2016-Collection-Lookbook-02 Bru-Na-Boinne-Spring-Summer-2016-Collection-Lookbook-09 Bru-Na-Boinne-Spring-Summer-2016-Collection-Lookbook-07 Bru-Na-Boinne-Spring-Summer-2016-Collection-Lookbook-06 Bru-Na-Boinne-Spring-Summer-2016-Collection-Lookbook-01 Bru-Na-Boinne-Spring-Summer-2016-Collection-Lookbook-05 Bru-Na-Boinne-Spring-Summer-2016-Collection-Lookbook-10 Bru-Na-Boinne-Spring-Summer-2016-Collection-Lookbook-04 Bru-Na-Boinne-Spring-Summer-2016-Collection-Lookbook-03


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