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Blumarine Spring/Summer 2016 Campaign

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Blumarine is the signature brand of Italian fashion house Blufin, founded by designer Anna Molinari. Molinari is known as the “Queen of Roses” due to her fondness of the flower. It is one of the main reasons you consistently see flower prints throughout her Blumarine collection because Molinari feels that flowers are the true embodiment of femininity. These holds true in their spring/summer 2016 collection which we highlight below. Featuring model Lou Schoof, the campaign takes place at a posh New York townhouse with elegant decorum that really enhance the luxury garments.  From lace covered blooms to sheer styles, Lou looks perfectly elegant in the Blumarine spring/summer 2016 campaign. The full collection should be available at the Blumarine online store in the coming weeks.

Blumarine-Spring-Summer-2016-Ad-Campaign01 Blumarine-Spring-Summer-2016-Ad-Campaign06 Blumarine-Spring-Summer-2016-Ad-Campaign07 Blumarine-Spring-Summer-2016-Ad-Campaign10 Blumarine-Spring-Summer-2016-Ad-Campaign05 Blumarine-Spring-Summer-2016-Ad-Campaign02 Blumarine-Spring-Summer-2016-Ad-Campaign03 Blumarine-Spring-Summer-2016-Ad-Campaign04

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