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Black History Month is a time where black history is highlighted, celebrated, and represented. During this time, the culture shows respect to those who paved the way for us to express our own individuality and intelligence. Black History Month 2019 zooms in on the trendsetting fashion-forward icon, NeAndre Broussard and Black Menswear’s Dallas Flash Mob 5.

This event saw its highest, most iconic turnout yet. Over 140 men gathered in their toughest suits to represent our culture in honor of Black History Month. Men of all ages and cities took on the theme of “red, black, and green” to honor the Pan-African flag. If you aren’t familiar, red represents the blood that unites all of Black African ancestry, green represents the abundant natural wealth of Africa, and Black represents all black people.

Thinking back to the first Flash Mob, where only 25 young dapper men got this wave started, Black Menswear has seen tremendous growth and support since 2017. By now, this movement is a household name. With over 100,000 followers on Instagram, the reach of this fashion-based influence is inspiring people globally.

With such success of Flash Mob 5, we have to ask: What does the Black Menswear movement mean?


Black Menswear is all about building a community and shifting the culture. We are rewriting the narrative about what it means to be a black man in American through genuine love, support, and appreciation. The movement shows the positive impact we can make on our communities when we all come together as a collective.

Jacob Clayton, Custom Suit Creator, Influencer.







“Black Menswear is a necessary representation of our origin. Deriving from class, royal, and prestige means opportunities like these are important to inform the masses of our diversity and intellect through style.”

Tecumseh Graham, Engineer, and Social Media Influencer








“Black Menswear means Black excellence showcased. Highlighting Black men in a light that is very seldom portrayed by society. We are showing the world we are not divided, as seen in the media, but that we are a unit that is promoting each other’s success. 

Kalvin J, Poet, Speaker, Author 






Switching gears to give to the man behind the movement the credit he deserves. NeAndre Broussard, corporate employee by day and one of Dallas’s biggest influencers by night, launched this brand back in the summer of 2017 with the purpose of creating a positive narrative around the Black Male Image. Since then, his commitment to changing the Black man’s portrayal has brought much success and brought a community of Black men together in a way Dallas has never seen.

“I want it to become a household name for motivating the African American man through visual representation. Too often we are viewed negatively in the media. I wanted to use my voice to change that.

Staying true to this target, the brand has taken off with no signs of slowing down. We salute you!





Staying true to this target, the brand has taken off with no signs of slowing down. We salute you!

Miss out on the Dallas flash mob? Check out the upcoming cities for your chance to be a part of the movement!

DC – 3/15

Chicago – 5/4

Dallas – 5/18

Houston – 5/26

See @blackmenswear for more details.

Written by Jenae Butler – March 2019

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