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This blog post is in partnership with Bed Bath & Beyond. However the thoughts and opinions expressed are all my own.

I live by the mantra “work hard but play harder”, but after living in New York for over 5 years I’ve realized that all that working and playing will leave you exhausted lol. Sleep is something most New Yorkers don’t really talk about, more so in part because you generally don’t get enough of it, or because what little you do get isn’t quality. However, I am not most New Yorkers and I LOVE sleep! In fact it’s one of my favorite pastimes. Trust me, I make time for a decent nights sleep and an occasional nap ( if I’m lucky). Which is why I was beyond excited to parter with Bed Bath & Beyond, as I’ve heard they are somewhat of sleep experts lol.

My love affair with sleep started many years ago, but I must admit here recently I’ve noticed that my sleep wasn’t as sound as in years past. I’ve never really analyzed my sleep, it was always something that came natural to me lol. But I took the sleep quiz from Bed Bath & Beyond, and could immediately relate to one of the four types of sleepers; the furnace, the popsicle, the knot, and the over-thinker. Prior to taking the quiz I already knew that I was a furnace, and results of the quiz reaffirmed my suspicion. I’m the kind of sleeper who constantly turns over my pillow to find the colder side, or find myself sticking out an arm or leg from the covers to help control my body temperature. Covers weren’t my friend, I generally would end up with little to no clothes or covers on by the end of the night. 

Once I identified my sleep type, Bed Bath & Beyond provided me with a list of products that remedied the problems associated with my particular sleeping type. I went through the list of products and tried out items that addressed my particular problems. I immediately fell in love with their TruCool product line, I ordered almost everything from the Therapedic TruCool Mattress topper, memory foam pillows, and mattress pad. I noticed a stark difference just after the first night. Which resulted in a much sounder sleep! My body temperature didn’t fluctuate and my pillow stayed nice and cool (just the way I like it). I didn’t think I’d become an overnight fan, but I was blow away by the products and the quality of sleep I was able to achieve. 

Head over to Bed Bath & Beyond, and take the sleep quiz now, I promise you won’t regret it!


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