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BAPEX Spring/Summer 2017 Watches

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In our opinion, Bape is the best all around streetwear brand in the game. Everything they produce is heat and their latest collection of BAPEX watches is no different. This time around, the streetwear label is focusing on their TYPE-1 and TYPE-3 models, with new versions of black, silver and gold available. The TYPE-1 and TYPE-3, watches look similar to the Rolex Submariner and Daytona models and are a must have mid-tier price point watch for warmer months. Take a look at the BAPEX spring/summer 2017 watches for yourself.

BAPEX-SS17-Type1Type3-1 BAPEX-SS17-Type1Type3-2 BAPEX-SS17-Type1Type3-3 BAPEX-SS17-Type1Type3-5

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