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Bally Fall/Winter 2016 Campaign (Video)

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In our opinion Bally puts together the best ad campaigns in the industry from a stylistic perspective. The Bally Fall/Winter 2016 campaign a powerful interpretation of eccentric youth. Shot by up-and-coming London-based photographer Jack Davison, the season’s campaign captures the vibe and eccentricity of an artist’s studio in the 1970s. Styled by Jonathan Kaye and art directed by Durand, the shots are,Creative Director Pablo Coppola says, “unified in their spirit, which exemplifies the current mood at Bally for the season and beyond”.

Bally-FW16-Campaign_fy1-768x783 Bally-FW16-Campaign_fy3-768x782 Bally-FW16-Campaign_fy4-768x782 Bally-FW16-Campaign_fy5-768x782 Bally-FW16-Campaign_fy6-768x783 Bally-FW16-Campaign_fy7-768x783 Bally-FW16-Campaign_fy8-768x783 Bally-FW16-Campaign_fy9-768x784 Bally-FW16-Campaign_fy10-768x784

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