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Andy Warhol – Dark Star

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Since 2 June 2017, the museum of Mexico Museo Jumex  has hosted a major retrospective of Andy Warhol , entitled Dark Star. The collection offers an overview of the conceptual and technical changes that have marked the artistic practice of the American artist: from his paintings of consumer products to his serigraphic series depicting movie stars, celebrities, and various disasters. Given the historical context in which Warhol designed these works, the selection of the museum focuses on utopian expectations as well as on the dark side of the media and the postwar consumer culture.

To mark this occasion, the British publishing house Prestel has produced a very beautiful catalog. From boxes of soup to car accidents, The book focuses on Andy Warhol ‘s early work through an illustrated collection of essays by a wide variety of writers, researchers, and artists. Stuart Morgan explores the public and private personality of Warhol; Barbara Kruger examines contradictory reactions to her work; Richard Prince presents a humorous comparison between himself and his famous predecessor. Other essays bring their own thoughts and reactions on Andy Warhol, the man and the artist. Entirely illustrated with many photographs of famous works and less known by the artist, Dark Star highlights Warhol’s personal struggles to make sense of the world he inhabited. The 208-page book is now available on Amazon.

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