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Style Feature: NBA DRAFT 2017 (The Worst Ever?)

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I am going to come right out and say it. The 2017 NBA Draft was the WORST dressed class I have ever seen. Now there have been some #epicfails on NBA Draft night in the past, from Drew Gooden’s box suit, Peja Stojakovic’s blue corduroy suit (yea I said blue corduroy suit), Samaki Walker fresh off the set of the Player Haters Ball, to Jalen Rose making Suge Knight proud. All of those suits were awful and have been highlighted over the years in regards to what not to wear on Draft night.

Back in the day of the aforementioned players, big/baggy suits were in style. Given that was the style and all of the guys we are talking about could shop at CasualMale XL given their 6’5 and above frames, you can’t really hold it against them. In today’s age where bespoke suits are the norm, every man has a pair of skinny jeans, and sneakers are being worn with suits, the 2017 class did a double dribble, travel, and then dropped the ball out of bounds when it comes to their draft day looks. I am a big advocate of the fact that fashion is on the runway and style is what you wear. It is who you are and how you want to express yourself to the world. But I mean C’MON SON don’t be lazy with it.

Let’s start with last night’s #1 overall pick Markelle Fultz.

Overall top to bottom the look is just blah. The jacket was not tailored that well, the pocket square does nothing to accentuate his shirt or tie, and if you are going to go with a gray suit you need to really have the shoe pop.

I give him credit for the bow tie as it looks like the material is maybe fur or feathers but at the end of the day it is still a pre-tied bow tie which automatically knocks you down two points.

As for the shoes, I know they were made out of basketballs (yea I said basketballs), but that in no way means they are comfortable and just look at them. They are trash.

Young Markelle has been fresh in the past as his suit from the night of the Draft Lottery was clean, so I’m not going to hold it against him and just say this was a bleep on the radar for him.

Next up is the BIGGEST BALLER of them all, Lonzo Ball. Now I don’t hate the ZO2’s as much as most people as I think the silhouette is solid to hoop in. However, it is not made to be worn with a suit. That is reserved for the likes of Stan Smith’s and Common Projects. So what was the big baller thinking when he donned this last night?

To make matters worse Lonzo (or I should say Lavar, because I know this was his idea to have my man wear a Big Baller Brand bow tie), THAT WAS PRE-TIED. Rule #1 of wearing a bow tie, if you can’t tie a bow tie don’t wear a bow tie.

Insert face palm emoji

Bare with me here as I have two more guys who ruined it for everyone before I will give shoutouts to a few gents who came correct.

Zach Collins, at first I was actually feeling his fit. The subtle print in the blazer with the state of Nevada embroidery on the lapel was dope. The leather tie was a nice subtle touch as was the blue pocket square to add in the necessary pop of color to break up the black/gray color palette. Then he had to open his jacket and low and behold my man got the “Welcome To Las Vegas” printed on the inside. Which honestly given that it’s on the inside was cool with me as well because you know what, put on for your city.

BRUUUUUUUH, Collins, you were doing way too much with the Las Vegas swag last night when I saw you had these on.

For the final fashion faux pas of the evening, I’m going to group two guys together, and that is Joshua Jackson and Jonathan Isaac. If you going to go with a suit for draft night – DRAFT NIGHT! – not just one you wearing to the club, wear an actual suit. Not these “suit separates” that you went with. Especially Isaac; my man you look like you copped that from the Burlington Coat Factory off Knox Road in Tallahassee (shout out to Leon County).

Josh Jackson
Jonathan Isaac


All was not lost as there were a couple of looks I was feeling and I have to give love to those who were the best dressed.

TJ Leaf
Top NBA Draftees De’Aaron Fox, left, and Malik Monk, right, wear their custom-lined JF J. Ferrar suits.
Fox supporting breast cancer.
Dennis Smith Jr.

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