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Style Feature: Nick Graham – Designer For The “Perennial Millennial”

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Nick Graham’s ATLANTIS collection – New York Fashion Week- July 11, 2017, Credit: Getty Images // Janice Yim

Last month our team was running all around the streets of New York City while attending New York Fashion Week Men’s. It is one of our favorite times of the year as it is a chance to catch up with fellow friends, bloggers, and stylists whom all hit the streets of the concrete jungle to see the latest collections that the world of men’s fashion has to offer.

One of the shows we were able to attend was the Nick Graham Spring/Summer 2018 presentation, held at the Clarkson Square studios in Chelsea. Nick Graham, the founder of Joe Boxer, changed the face of fashion when he turned his underwear company into one of America’s most popular lifestyle brands, distributed throughout the world. Today he takes pride in creating head-to-toe looks for men that he’s coined as the “Perennial Millennial” (something we will dive more into later).

Entitled “Atlantis,” Nick’s latest presentation was inspired by the mythical kingdom and oceanic themes in general. Opening with a short film directed by Graham, he highlighted these themes with music from 16-year-old composer, Truman Gaynes, adding to the overall experience. However, it was the end of the show which went on to be our team’s talking point of the day, as Nick grabbed me from the crowd to have me walk the runway and conclude his show. Naturally, I was caught off guard and respectfully declined, but given Nick’s further encouragement I decided to strut my stuff.

Nick Graham’s ATLANTIS collection – New York Fashion Week- July 11, 2017, Credit: Getty Images // Janice Yim

After all of this took place I got to speak with Nick to get greater insight on both his presentation as a whole and what exactly happened there at the end of the show.

High Fashion Living: You define your consumer as the “Perennial Millennial.” How do you define that term?

Nick Graham: I describe the PM as someone whose personality isn’t defined by age or income. There is no defined age group, but if I had to say it’s around 34 years old… Someone who is confident in themselves and their job and is willing to step up their style.

Photo Credit: @joiceoliveira

High Fashion Living: You are known for continually bringing color and pattern to men’s clothing, which, in this collection is represented strongly by the color blue. Why did that color resonate with you so strongly this season?

Nick Graham: The collection was based on Atlantis and the colors of the ocean…. Lots of blue but colors of coral. Plus color makes people happy, and we don’t see enough of it.

High Fashion Living: At the end of your show you approached me, and I just happened to be wearing a blue suit with a blue bandana, and you suggested I walk the runway. What was going on at that moment?

Nick Graham: That’s so funny, I didn’t even know it was Evan! He just looked great, and at the end of all my shows I encourage people to walk on the runway, and I needed someone to go first, so I grabbed him!

High Fashion Living: You like to say that our influences come from everywhere and that you are your own personal brand. Was that moment a real life example of this belief?

Nick Graham: Yes, I don’t like to think that fashion is as precious as it is made out to be. I like to think of our brand as inclusive, not exclusive.

High Fashion Living: What is your personal style aesthetic?

Nick Graham: Even though people think our collection is full of pattern and color, it is super clean and not fussy. I play music, and one thing I always say is ‘What you don’t play is just as important as what you do play.’

Nick Graham, Model: Carmen Carrera, Actor: Jared Harris Credit: Janice Yim

Always a maverick, Nick likes to put together elaborate presentations and his latest show stayed true to formCreating a new dynamic – both recognizable and refreshing – Nick Graham is a mix of tradition, attitude and pure fun, taking Menswear just a little further stylistically than where it’s been. You can learn more about Nick and shop his collections by visiting 



Written by: Evan Marshall @Its_what_ev

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