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Harper Anthony is a six-year-old (almost 7) aspiring young model whom you might have recently seen on your Instagram feed. A little over three weeks ago Harper became a viral sensation when a photo of him raising his right fist in the air at the Black Menswear Dallas Flashmob filtered across social media. Everyone from the likes of Charlamagne Tha God, Diddy, The Shade Room, Revolt, Tim Anderson, and many more commented, re-posed and shared the photo on their social channels.

Harper quickly became the face of a burgeoning movement of Black Men trying to change the narrative of how society views men of color. Clothing inspires success and rightfully or wrongfully the clothes you adorn yourself in set the perception of how you want to be viewed by others and in turn how others view you. The study of this process is called Enclothed Cognition which means “If you have a strong cultural association with a  garment, wearing it can affect your cognitive processes.”

Platforms such as @BlackMenswear and clothing stores such as @JOJAYDEN are taking this theory and vision and putting it to action with the content and clothes that they’re creating. As it is essential for men of color to see people who look like them adorned in the fashions that inspire, motivate, and represent them. People judge slight deviations from the norm as positive because they suggest that the  individual is powerful enough to risk the social costs of such behaviors

A six-year-old kid as the face of this movement represents that the future generations understand that culture renaissance needs to be fueled by all ages. Recently we had a chance to connect with Harper at the aforementioned Chicago store JOJAYDEN to get a behind the scenes look at their 2019 Spring Ready-To-Wear collection and peep the process of store owner Wale Nubi fitting Harper for a brand new custom suit.

Check out our interview with Harper below and get a behind the scenes look of him getting fitted by JOJAYDEN.

HFL: Who is Harper Anthony?

@HeisHarper: I’m a student, a child of God, a young black man, football player, and a model.

HFL: Is there anything that stands out amongst them?

@HeisHarper: Being a student is number one first and foremost.

HFL: How did you get into modeling?


@HeisHarper: My mom got me into it, but she didn’t know I would love it. I realized that I liked it because I not only enjoyed walking the runway but I enjoyed practicing it as well.

HFL: The first time you walked in a show what was the feeling you had when you walked down the runway?

@HeisHarper: Well I was nervous at first because it was a lot of people, but now it’s just Easy Peasy, and it is something that I love doing.

HFL: What is the one thing you love the most about modeling?

@HeisHarper: traveling and visiting new places.

HFL: What is your favorite place that you’ve been?

@HeisHarper: Dallas because that is where I had the chance to participate in the black menswear FlashMob Photoshoot. Which was fantastic as the photo I was in became famous, and I ended up being asked to be on T.V. I was on Channel 5 and The Jam.

HFL: How did you get involved with the Flashmob in Dallas?

@HeisHarper: We actually flew down there for another photo shoot, but it ended up getting canceled. While we there my mom’s sorority sister told her about the Black Menswear photoshoot, so my mom registered me for that. The sorority sister husband is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi which is the same fraternity Ne’Andre from BlackMenswear is part of so all of us went to the photoshoot, and it just came together.

HFL: Who picked out the suit you wore?

@HeisHarper: My mom, she enjoys putting together outfits for me. She always says that she wants looks for me that extend beyond the typical look of a six-year-old.

HFL: How did you feel when you saw everyone such as Diddy, D.L. Hughley, and others posting a photo of you?

@HeisHarper: Famous

HFL: What is the craziest thing that has happened since then?

@HeisHarper: Being on TV

HFL: How would you describe your style?

@HeisHarper A suit and it would be black with a red lapel pin and a teal pocket square.

HFL: Who are your fashion inspiration?

@HeisHarper: Blake Martin because he is from Chicago and he’s funny.

HFL: How do you handle modeling and school?

@HeisHarper: I go home every day and do homework first, and then we practice moves and looks.

HFL: What was your favorite thing about working with Wale from JOJAYDEN to put this suit together?

@HeisHarper: It was cool; I enjoy getting measured and creating my own suit. Picking out the colors is fun. I can’t wait to see what it looks like down the line.


HFL: Lebron or Kevin Durant

@HeisHarper: Lebron

@HFL: Sneakers or Dress Shoes 

@HeisHarper:  Dress Shoes

HFL: Harolds or Uncle Remus

@HeisHarper: Harolds

HFL: Black or White 

@HeisHarper: Black

HFL: Pea coat or Fur Coat

@HeisHarper: Peacoat with Fur

HFL: Finish this sentence style is …

@HeisHarper: Me



JOJAYDEN !? Yes, JOJAYDEN is our favorite store. Founded by Nigerian-born clothing designer Wale Nubi in 2013. JOJAYDEN has quickly grown into one of Chicago’s most sought-after spaces for menswear. What started as a showroom store promptly turned into a haberdashery for custom suits and handmade shoes designed and fitted in house.

You can visit JOJAYDEN online at JOJAYDEN as well swing by their store (tell them Evan sent you at) 1457 E. 53rd St. Chicago, Illinois.

Written by: @Its_What_Ev

Photos: BM Photography @bmphotographyfilm

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